Yin y Yang, ¿un símbolo machista?

Chicas, antes de elegirlo para tatuar ¡cuidado! Este no es un bonito círculo chino que presenta « el bien y el mal en el mundo » o « las energías complementarias necesarias para todas las cosas », sino más bien el dominio del « macho » sobre ustedes, señoras.

Cix Mugre: ¡El arte urbano no solo es Banksy!

Cuando se equipa con un pincel, su máquina de tatuar o un aerosol, el artista Antonio Triana se convierte en “Cix Mugre”. Con su arte que parece un gran viaje después haber consumido ayahuasca, ¡ de su México natal, pinta ahora las paredes en todas partes de mundo ! Aqui te lo presentamos a lo largo y a lo ancho.

Cix Mugre : le Street-Art ce n’est pas que Banksy !

L’artiste Antonio Triana devient « Cix Mugre » lorsqu’il se munit d’un pinceau, de sa machine à tatouer ou d’une bombe aérosol ! Depuis son Mexique natal, il a aujourd’hui montré son art coloré, étrange, futuriste, mystique, en grand et en large, dans plus de dix pays !

Whiskey VS Whisky VS Bourbon : what are we drinking tonight?

Can you tell what is the difference between Whisky and Whiskey with an « e » ? Would it only be for some orthographical matter ? And what about Bourbon ? Isn’t it a type of whisk(e)y either ? Click here and you will know everything !

The Poke bowl: from Polynesia to hipsters

Did you know that it is pronounced « pokaï » and not « pokeh »? And whether that comes from « piece » or « cut » in Hawaiian? If so, too bad for me, I use the good old « better late than never ». If not, maybe these late lines can still bring their dose of new knowledge!

The T’anta wawas: children for meal!

©Museum Tales On the left of the image above, you can admire an adorable brioche-marmot and in the center, a bread-pig, but it is on what is on the right that I draw your attention: the kind of “embrioched” child ! Also spelled Tantawawa, it can literally be translated by « child of bread », since « t’anta »Lire la suite « The T’anta wawas: children for meal! »

To celebrate the end of the year like the Aztecs?

A lot of different cultures but for almost everybody, the coming days herald a new year! You may have in mind the hangover of your 20s, Chinese dragons parading through the streets, or other images relating to the different ways of moving from one year to the next… But do you preview the Mexica’s way? Follow the paragraphs, it’s here!

Yin and Yang, a macho symbol?

Before choosing it for tattoo, beware! This is not a pretty Chinese circle presenting “good and evil in the world” or “the complementary energies necessary for all things”, but rather the domination of your male subway neighbor over you, ladies.